Monday, March 16, 2009

CSI at The UPS Store

I got to work this morninbg and found the the UPS Store that I worked at had been broken into over the weekend. I put my key in the door and the lock came out with it. I went in and checked the drawers where we keep cash and all of it was gone. i called my boss and the cops. come to find out there were five other stores in the area that had the same thing happen. i had to fill out some paperwork and stay out side while CSI form South Jordan came and took pictures and dusted for fingerprints. I guess that is an exciting way to start the week.

As other updates. We are still moving to Idaho. we found a p0lace in Idaho Falls that we like alot. for a three bedroom two bath up there is cheaper than our current one bedroom one bath. me and becca are both getting excited to move. well there isn't much else to report.